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Our Logic Model

Our Vision

A healthy, literate society where all are able to contribute and succeed.

Our Mission

The Centre for Family Literacy builds, develops and improves literacy with families and communities.

Statement of Need

In a recent survey of adult literacy, about 15% of adult Albertans scored at or below the lowest measure of literacy performance. Only 55% of adults scored at Level 3 or higher which is thought to be the level necessary to be competitive in an information-based economy (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, 2012; International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey, 2003).

Research demonstrates that it is more difficult for adults with low literacy to maintain employment and obtain good paying jobs. They are more likely to struggle with their health, have fewer connections to their community and have more experience with the criminal justice system.

Literacy development begins at birth. Parents with low levels of literacy may be unprepared to support their children’s literacy development or unaware of the importance of their role in their children’s learning.


  1. to provide a range of language and literacy development opportunities for adults and families in Edmonton
  2. to build capacity within Edmonton and across the province for agencies to support language and literacy development for adults and families


Literacy weaves through all aspects of family and community life, and the Centre for Family Literacy serves the literacy needs of adults, families and communities.

The Adult Tutoring program meets the needs of adults looking to improve their reading, writing, or numeracy skills at no cost to them, and in locations that are convenient for them. Trained tutors work with adults to improve their skills with respect to the learner’s current abilities, interests and their unique learning goals.

Parents are often more likely to access services to help their children than for their own benefit. Through participating in a family literacy program, parents find confidence and success as their children’s first teachers and help families to recognize and value the learning that happens in the home.

Parents who have connected with a family literacy program are encouraged to consider the full range of adult and family literacy programming available to them though the Centre for Family Literacy, as well as other opportunities for skill development and participation in the community. This family-based approach provides early intervention to benefit children, while supporting parents in pursuing their own skill development, and everyone benefits.

Literacy develops in the context of everyday activities, so it is important to involve the whole community in supporting literacy learners. By raising awareness of the importance of literacy in community groups and building their capacity to support adult and family skill development we can magnify the benefits for individuals, families and the community as a whole.

Centre for Family Literacy programs operate at several levels:

Intellectual:provide opportunities for adults and children to build their literacy skills.
Emotional:promote warm and loving interactions between parents and children, supporting healthy brain development for children, and increasing confidence and self-esteem for adult learners.
Social:encourages building stronger social networks and connects adults and families with their neighbours and relevant resources in their community.

Agency Goals

Goal 1: Adults will improve their literacy skills.

Goal 2: Parents and program providers will increase opportunities and support for children’s language and literacy development.

Goal 3: Parents and children will strengthen their relationships with each other.

Goal 4: Adults and children will participate more actively with others in their community.

Goal 5: Individuals and agencies providing adult literacy, skill development, and family literacy opportunities in Edmonton and across Alberta will receive training and support.

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