Cardston area

The Prairie COW Bus made the long drive from Edmonton to Cardston to park at the Parent Link Centre. Dozens of children and their parents came aboard and we talked to many families about the importance of learning through play.

In nearby Glenwood, it was wonderful to see so many parents out with their kids. We had a great morning reading stories and sharing ideas.

We returned to Cardston to facilitate a parent workshop, and we were very pleased with the turnout. The moms we met were open to learning new strategies for interacting with their children, and they were willing to share some tips with us as well!

The Bus was invited to the Waterton and Standoff Hutterite Colonies, and we had so much fun reading stories and playing games with the children. We left Legacy Libraries in both communities.

We had a chance to stop in Magrath, and many families took advantage of the beautiful weather to come out to the Bus.






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