Newell County

The C.O.W. Bus arrived at the Tilley Community Centre on Tuesday, April 1. The visit coincided with an open house at the Community Centre, which included displays, snacks, and a hot dog lunch. The Legacy Library was presented to the community at an event attended by a number of local dignitaries.

The next day the C.O.W. Bus was parked outside the Duchess Library. The Duchess School kindergarten and a day home group visited us, and numerous families dropped by to check out the activities on the bus. The Legacy Library was presented to the Duchess Library where the books will be available to all community members.

The C.O.W. Bus pulled up to the library in Bassano the following day. Many families climbed aboard to take advantage of the opportunity to play, read, sing, and learn together, with several families spending quite a bit of time on the bus. In Bassano, the Legacy Library will be available to the community through the Memorial Library.

Friday morning we were off to Rosemary for a morning of programming. The bus parked outside the school. The kindergarten class visited to hear stories and songs and engage in various activities aboard the bus. Several families also came by to check out the toys, games, and other ideas. The Legacy Library was presented to the Rosemary Library.

In the afternoon we stopped by Gem School and the children in Grades 1 – 6 came onboard for some storytelling, puppet shows, and games. Many of the children raced to the library right after school to join us for the Legacy Library presentation. The books will be incorporated into the library’s catalog and will be available to members of the community.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Great learning activities."

“Great books for our library -- thanks!” 

"It's a wonderful learning experience."

"Fun. Kids LOVE it! Great ideas!"

"Great! Thanks for visiting our community!"

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