Flagstaff County

The C.O.W. bus rolled into Hardisty and parked for the day at the community centre. Many local families and a kindergarten class stopped by to visit the bus and to participate in a variety of activities, including crafts and a petting zoo.

The Legacy Library was presented to the TIPS (Teaching Independence and Parenting Support) Program and will be housed at their office in Killam.

The following day we opened our doors to the residents of Killam. Although it was a blustery day, the bus was packed for most of the day with families, who came to talk, laugh, and play together.

The Legacy Library was presented to the Parent Link Centre, and will be used on their traveling van.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Awesome bus and awesome staff!”
“Very nice, my girls loved it!”
“This is a great program!”
“Loved the activity ideas!”

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