Drayton Valley and area

The Alberta Prairie C.O.W. Bus parked for the afternoon at the Wind in the Willows resort at Buck Lake. We were joined by several families who had never been on the bus before, and all seemed to have fun playing together. The Legacy Library was presented to the Moms & Tots program.

The next morning was spent at the Berrymoor Community Centre. It was a busy morning and we saw many smiling faces. The Legacy Library was presented to the Lindale Playschool.

In the afternoon we were at the community hall in Breton. There were many fun activities set up in the hall as well, and families had a great time playing games, singing songs, and making their own books and bookmarks. The Legacy Library was presented to the Breton Community Library.

The Prairie C.O.W. Bus visited Drayton Valley for the next 2 days. We spent a morning with the Evergreen Parent Link Centre, and held a workshop with the Young Moms’ Group in the afternoon.

The bus was part of the Picnic in the Park event the next day and we had a great view of the other activities, including a petting zoo, bouncy castle, and spray park. The weather was perfect and we met nearly 300 parents and children who came onboard to listen to stories and check out our homemade activities.

The Legacy Library was presented to the Evergreen Parent Link Centre and the Drayton Valley Read & Learn. Dean Schuler, Councilor for the Town of Drayton Valley attended the presentation.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Very good! We enjoyed a lot!”

“Wonderful, fun for all, the activities were great.”

“Awesome, lots to see and learn about.”

“Amazing visual feast.”

“Great learning tools for kids,”

“Fantastic. (Muy bonito!)”

“Definitely worth the time – great idea!”

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