Blackfalds and Eckville

Blackfalds Parent Link and the Blackfalds FCSS brought the bus into the community on January 31. Parked at the Blackfalds Public Library, the bus saw many local families visit throughout the day.


The Legacy Library was presented at a ceremony attended by Blackfalds Mayor Melodi Stol. The books will become part of the children’s collection at the Blackfalds Library, and will be used for various Parent Link groups.


Eckville Parent Link and Eckville Public library teamed up to bring the C.O.W. bus to their town the following day.  Numerous parents and children were able to visit the bus that day.


 The Legacy Library was presented to the Parent Link coordinator.  The books will be housed at the Public Library and will become part of the children’s collection. The collection will also be used for programs that run out of the library through the Parent Link.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Very helpful info. Will benefit many.”


“Lots of great ideas!” 


"Loved the bus and books!"


"Awesome! We love playtime. Please come back."


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