The Bibliotheque de Beaumont Public Library and L’Ecole des Petits partnered together to bring the C.O.W. bus to Beaumont, for three days of programming. The C.O.W. bus was well attended by many local families who were very interested in the literacy activities and ideas they could use at home. Students from L’Ecole des Petits (French immersion preschool) visited the C.O.W. bus, along with many of their parents. The Beaumont Public Library’s Storytimers groups (parents and children between the ages of 2-6) also participated in programming on the bus. The Legacy Library will be shared between the library and L’Ecole des Petits.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Fantastic, creative, colourful.”

“Thank-you. We liked the whole bus.”

"Very cool! Great ideas for games!" 

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