Past Programs & Projects

Fort Chipewyan

The C.O.W. bus drove across an ice road to the isolated community of Fort Chipewyan on February 26. We spent 3 days in this, the oldest community in Alberta and were involved in many community events.

On the first evening a Pajama Party was held at the local school. A snack and draw prizes were available for everyone who attended. On the second day the bus staff made presentations inside the school to all the children encouraging them to bring their parents to the Family Games Night. It worked. The community had the best turnout for the Family Games Night ever! What a super evening! Cotton candy, draw prizes and lots of fun.

The third day the bus visited with families in the Daycare and attended a skating party in the evening.

What a great visit this was, filled with interesting and friendly people .

Thanks to everyone involved in planning this event.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Fabulous, what a great idea for children and their parents.”


“ Mistahi Katawasisin! Truly awesome space!”

Education Director