Past Programs & Projects


Cardston Read/Write planned a visit of the C.O.W. bus to the town of Cardston and to four of the Hutterite Colonies they serve with a LAPS program.

On Tuesday the bus visited the Blue Ridge Colony in the morning and the Riverside Colony in the afternoon. On both colonies the bus was greeted with the excited faces of the children and the welcoming attitude of the colony members. Each colony school was presented with a Legacy Library. The children were encouraged to take these books and read them to someone younger on the colony.

Thursday was spent in the town of Cardston. The bus parked at the Parent Link Centre, which is housed in the Provincial Building. Many of the parents and children visiting the bus had never visited the Centre and were excited to see what was available for them. In this community, the Parent Link Centre offers a rhyme time program. The Legacy Library was left at Parent Link for the use of the families and programmers.

Friday saw the bus travel to East Cardston and East Raymond Hutterite Colonies. Again, the bus was greeted with happy faces and bouncing children. Many moms came out to the bus with their preschool children and expressed interest in the many literacy ideas they could use at home.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Wonderful program, tons of potential. Thanks for the visit and books.”


““So much fun! Loved the story activity combos!"


"Thank you for being so kind and sharing your ideas.”