Past Programs & Projects

Bonnyville, St. Paul, St. Lina and Ashmont

We traveled to Bonnyville on October 1 and spent the morning at the Parent Child Centre with the Parent Link.  We presented the Legacy Library to the Deputy Mayor Colleen Schoeninger.  It will be kept at the Parent Child Centre. In the afternoon we set up at the Home Hardware.  It was open to the general public and we had many interested families on the bus.

The next day we traveled to St. Paul for a two-day visit.  We were parked at the Parent Link Centre. It was wonderful to see people from the Town and County FCSS come out to support Family Literacy. The Legacy Library was present to the Parent Link Centre will be kept. 

On the second day, we were at the St. Paul Library.  It was a very busy site with many families visiting the bus.  The Legacy Library was presented to the St. Paul Library and it will be added to their collection of children’s books for circulation.

On October 4, we spent the morning with the Ashmont Parent Link/Moms and Tots group.  They were very excited to have the Bus come to their area.  The Legacy Library was presented to the group leader and will be kept at the Ashmont Agriplex where the group meets.

We spent a short afternoon with the Parent Link/Moms and Tots group from St. Lina.  We presented the Legacy Library to the Moms and Tots leader.  It will be kept with the Moms and Tots group from St.Lina.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Wonderful resource for parents.”


“Very interactive especially for 3 boys.” 


"It was definitely a cool bus with neat ideas."