Past Programs & Projects

Beaver County

Our first day in Beaver County saw the C.O.W. bus visit Viking. The Viking Municipal Library organized our visit and provided storytelling and treats to complement the C.O.W bus programming. Many different community members observed and participated in the presentation of the Legacy Library that will become part of the collection at the Viking Municipal Library.

The next day, C.O.W. bus traveled to the village of Holden and set-up for morning programming at the Holden Municipal Library. The event was well attended by local mothers and their children. Staff from Beaver County Family Literacy worked closely with the community to promote the event. The Legacy Library was presented to a member of the Holden Village Council and it will become part of the collection at the Holden Municipal Library.

In the afternoon we traveled to the Village of Ryley and parked at the Ryley McPherson Library. This was a great visit for the C.O.W. bus and the staff organized Thanksgiving crafts and treats for the children inside the library. The Legacy Library was presented to the Ryley McPherson Library.

On the final day, the C.O.W. bus traveled to Tofield at the request of Beaver County Family Literacy. We had a great turnout by families at the Tofield Municipal Library. Staff from the library and Beaver County Family Literacy did a great job promoting the event and had activities and snacks for the families to enjoy in the library while waiting for their turn on the C.O.W. bus. Several community members including the Mayor and Library Board representatives accepted the Legacy Library on behalf of the Tofield Municipal Library.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Great ideas, too bad you can't come more often.”


“Really cool Cow Bus.” 


“The bus is very nice and informative.”