Past Programs & Projects

Alexis First nation

The C.O.W. bus spent February 13th on the Alexis First Nation. The Mne Nakoodi Headstart program invited their families to come to school for the day to tour the bus and enjoy the activities of the Centre with their children.

The Legacy Library was presented to the Chief in a ceremony, presided over by a respected elder and attended by many members of the Council. The books will be put to good use in this community. The Headstart program offers a Wednesday evening reading night for all members of the community to enjoy and families are encouraged to borrow books from the collection.

We enjoyed our visit to Alexis and thank the Headstart staff for inviting us. We look forward to returning in the future.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Thank you, a good learning environment, very interesting and inspiring. My son loved it.”


“Enjoyed everything on the bus, couldn’t stop going from centre to centre.”

Headstart Staff