Past Programs & Projects


During the week of October 23-26, the C.O.W. bus visited the communities of Dapp, Westlock and Busby. The preschool groups in both Dapp and Busby hosted our visit and in Westlock the bus was parked at the library.

At both of the preschool visits, parents came with the children to explore the bus and take home new ideas to use. In Busby, the Rhymes That Bind facilitator was on hand to sing with parents and invite them to attend the Rhymes program in Westlock. A Teddy Bears Picnic followed the bus visits.

In Westlock the bus parked at the library and was open for the public. Each child that came on the bus was offered a free library membership. By the time the bus left on the second day 4 children had redeemed their coupon for a new library card.

The Legacy Libraries were left with the Westlock Municipal Library, Dapp Preschool and Busby Preschool.

Thanks to everyone involved in planning the bus visits to your communities.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“My granddaughter loves this bus!”


“My Don loves the truck books and matching cars book.”