Past Programs & Projects

Vulcan County

The C.O.W. bus spent three days in Vulcan County in November visiting the communities of Arrowwood, Milo, Champion, Lomond and Vulcan. In each community, the bus was met with enthusiastic young families and literacy workers. The staff of Rainbow Literacy Society accompanied the bus to each destination and used our visit as an opportunity to promote theim many local literacy programs.

The Legacy Library left in each community will be shared between the local libraries and other community groups offering preschool programming.

The bus parked at the library in Arrowwood and Champion, The Lutheran Church in Milo, and the arena in Lomond. In Vulcan, the bus participated in the nighttime Santa Claus Parade and Moonlight Madness shopping and community event.

Thanks to the staff of Rainbow Literacy for inviting us and making us feel so welcome.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“It kept the children using their imaginations and they were totally involved.”