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County of Smoky Lake

Our trip to the County of Smoky Lake included visits to Wakatenau, Smoky Lake, Spedden, the Saddle Lake Reserve and Vilna.  We left Legacy Libraries in all of the communities and our visit helped make several connections between the local literacy coordinator and families who were interested in knowing more about the availability of programs in the area.

In Wakatenau the Library hosted a Mystery Night with stories, a puppet show and a scavenger hunt for the kids, as well as hotdogs for supper.  At the Smoky Lake Library, we had many visitors enjoying the play space and learning about family literacy.   After the bus visit, the Library had treats and face painting for the kids. 

In every community we enjoyed sharing stories, songs and playtime with the many children who came to visit the bus.

We appreciate all the networking, cooperation and hard work that went into making our visit a success. Thank you to everyone involved.

What parents and participants have said about the program

"Thank you.  What a great concept for promoting awareness."


"Very nice, we want to take the bus home."


"What an excellent tool."

Teacher’s Aide

"The COW stamp rocks!"


"Overwhelming ideas!  Thank you!"


"Great ideas for parents and teachers too!"


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