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The first C.O.W. bus trip of the New Year was to the town of Provost where the Provost Adult Literacy hosted us. The Adult Literacy group in partnerships with the local Parent Link Centre and the T.I.P.S. program arranged two days of open house programming. They set up activity stations in the provincial building for families to participate in and a tricycle and helmet were used as a draw prize.

Both groups encouraged their families to come out to the bus to learn more about literacy and language development. One group of parents that came actually planned an upcoming birthday party using the activities that they saw on the bus.

The Mayor, the County Reeve, staff from partner agencies and sponsors, council members and board members, attended the Legacy Library presentation and luncheon. Everyone came away feeling as if they had learned something about literacy and the many local programmes that address these issues with the families of preschoolers. 

On January 19th the bus drove to Czar to promote and build awareness of family literacy in this community.  In spite of the cold weather a number of families came to visit the bus, as did all the library board members.  Other county and community officials were on hand for the presentation and lunch. 

Thanks to the Board and staff of Provost Adult Literacy for making us feel so welcome in your community. We really enjoyed our time with you.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“I’ve gotten some great ideas that I will take with me to my classroom”

Mom with her 3 year old

“ Thanks for coming. I loved it! I learned lots.”

Literacy coordinator

“Lots of great toys”

5 year old

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