Past Programs & Projects

County of Newell

The County of Newell and the Newell ABLE Literacy Team hosted the C.O.W. Bus visit.  The bus wandered throughout the county to the villages and towns of Bassano, Duchess, Rolling Hills, Rainier, Rosemary and Tilley.

In Bassano the bus was visited by a number of families who had been to the bus on our previous visit to the area.  They commented on how much their children had enjoyed their last visit.  We were thrilled to hear they were using the ideas they had learned from their first visit on a regular basis at home.

In Duchess the new librarian had contacted many of the preschool families in the area and invited them to come to the library for activities and visit the C.O.W. bus.  Library board members were on hand to make crafts and read to the families that visited.

Our visit to Tilley was celebrated at the Community Hall.  Families from the Moms and Tots Group as well as the parents involved in planning a local nursery school all visited the bus. The families all enjoyed a hot dog lunch. 

The Legacy Library was presented to the preschool group.  A number of representatives from the village were on hand to help out and to personally call all the families in the community with young children to herd them over to the bus.  What great promotion!

Thank you to everyone involved in our visit to Newell County. 

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