Past Programs & Projects

Nanton and area

The Alberta Prairie C.O.W. bus visit to Nanton, Claresholm, Stavely, Granum and Fort Macleod was hosted and coordinated by Project Read and each community received a Legacy Library.

The C.O.W. bus visited Stavely on the afternoon of December 4,. While children played, parents learned about new ways to enhance their child’s love of learning through easy to make projects that encourage children parent and child interaction in a fun way.

On December 5 and 6 the bus opened at the public library in Claresholm where it was visited by many groups of parents and children.

On December 7 the C.O.W. bus traveled to Granum. Families with preschool children enjoyed their time playing on the bus and getting new ideas on how to continue to interact to promote a love of learning in their home.

On the final day of our week in this area, the bus traveled south to Fort Macleod where it was parked at Kids First Family Centre. We had a very busy morning with parents and children. The parents participated in a literacy workshop for the first part of the morning and then visited the bus with their children.

This was a very busy week with families in all the communities. Thanks to all the agencies involved in planning this great week.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“Extremely useful information, new ideas, well done!”


“Now I have some fun ideas to make some games for my kids.”