Past Programs & Projects


On August 12, 2006 the C.O.W. bus participated in the Mayerthorpe Fair.  The day began with the parade through town.  In conjunction with volunteers and staff from the public library the bus drove in the parade.  Staff walked beside the bus handing out candy and flyers and encouraging young families to come out and visit the bus at the fair.

Once parked at the fair the bus was very busy as families looked for a quiet place to entertain preschoolers and escape the heat.  Once they had visited the bus they moved on to the tent manned by local volunteers to receive a free book, local information and one of the delicious cupcakes being handed out. 

The Legacy Library was presented to the local library and accepted by staff and a councilor.  There were lots of nodding heads in the audience as people listened to the presentation on family literacy. 

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this great and very busy day!

What parents and participants have said about the program

“A great need for this Program!”


“Excellent for young parents”

Library Volunteer

”Very good learning tools and interaction”