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What a great time everyone had on our second visit to Mannville. The “Summer Fun” program brought children and parents out to have some fun in the library and the bonus was that they were able to visit the C.O.W. bus too!

Mannville was a wonderful place to visit with terrific weather and friendly people to greet us at every corner.  The sponsors of the Alberta Prairie C.O.W. bus visit included FCSS and the Mannville Public Library.

We presented the Legacy Library to the Mannville Public Library.  The Mayor, the Chairperson of the Library and the Head Librarian accepted the donation.

We enjoyed our visit to Mannville and thank everyone involved.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Great experience for all!  It’s not just for the kids but a great way for parents to interact with their children.”

FCSS Worker and Parent

"On the bus I learned I can teach my little sisters and my parents too."

10 Year Old

"While talking to staff on the bus I discovered that my child sits to be read to now because I read to him when he was a baby."


"After visiting the C.O.W. bus last year and reading some of the signs in the bus I learned that I can put my children’s names into the stories we read.  They love it. "


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