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The bus traveled to the County of Kneehill making stops inTrochu, Linden, Carbon, and Three Hills. The Literacy Coordinator at Kneehill READ made a number of partnerships with other community agencies to sponsor the visit and provide children’s activities in each community. 

The partnering agencies came with crafts, face paints and toys, and in Carbon sponsored a Literacy based art project for local school children which was displayed for the day in the museum. At each stop there were guest storytellers showcasing Story Sacks, and seniors telling about life in the ‘olden days’ in that town.

The committee that planned this event had very clear goals for bringing the bus to their area and worked together to accomplish them.  Their goal was to make initial contacts in the smaller communities and let families know about the local programs they are running.  The staff from each organization spoke with each family that came out to the bus, introduced themselves and invited them to join their programs. 

A Legacy Library was presented to the Mayor of each community and will be housed in their Public Libraries. 

It was a great opportunity for us to see communities forming strong partnerships in order to deliver valuable community programming.

What parents and participants have said about the program

“Fantastic information given to the big brothers and big sisters.”

grade 4 teacher

“A wonderful idea, a magical place”

High School Teacher  - with his children

“Great project, literacy is so important.”


“It was wonderful. Had to take one child out of school to come. It was worth it”


“Thanks, we had fun, the time passed quickly”


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