Past Programs & Projects

Grimshaw, Berwyn, Falher & McLennan

The C.O.W. Bus traveled from Edmonton to Grimshaw and set up at the Grimshaw Library on the 11th, and the Berwyn Library on the 12th. In Grimshaw the children enjoyed the Folklore and Fairytale theme, while the Berwyn community enjoyed the Wild Kingdom theme. A mini wildlife museum, the work of a local, taxidermist, was set up in the Library for the families to look at before or after their visit to the bus. A Fish and Wildlife officer was also on hand to answer children’s questions.

The Legacy Library, was accepted in Grimshaw by the librarian, and in Berwyn by the Mayor. Each expressed thanks for this significant gift.

On September 13th the C.O.W. Bus continued on to Falher and McLennan where fun was had by all. The theme chosen was Communities Working Together. It was a pleasure to hear both French and English being spoken easily throughout our stay.

Thank you and merci!

The Mayor in Fahler, and a member of the town council in McLennan accepted the Legacy Libraries. Both collections will be left in the respective Libraries, where the librarians are making plans to develop children’s programming using these new books.

What parents and participants have said about the program

Wonderful in South African)


“A great learning tool. Congratulations to those who brought it to Falher.”