Past Programs & Projects

County of Flagstaff

The C.O.W. Bus visited the communities of Forestburg and Sedgewick during our trip to the County of Flagstaff.  The Flagstaff Literacy Program hosted our visit and developed activities around an Olde Tyme Valentine theme.

In Forestburg, they had a storyteller weaving tales about the old - fashioned boxed socials and how important they were in people’s lives.  The storyteller showed the children how to bid on the beautifully decorated valentine boxes she had prepared. The successful 3 and 4-year-old bidders were excited to open their boxes to reveal the homemade goodies that they shared with everyone. It was a wonderful example of how a story that comes straight from the heart and is told with love, can have an impact on even a very young audience.

The storyteller in Sedgewick entertained the children with stories of old time schoolhouses. She had them writing on slates and told stories about life before television and computers.

In both communities, the staff of Flagstaff Literacy and their partners provided the materials to make old-fashioned valentines. The children really enjoyed the experience.

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