Past Programs & Projects

Buffalo Lake and Kikino Metis Settlements and Lac La Biche

The C.O.W. bus was welcomed into the Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement with a feast and much community networking. Various agencies had set up tables in the community centre to display their materials. A young Fancy Dancer performed, and a group of young students sang. Community members and dignitaries were in attendance and enjoyed the festivities very much. A local artist made colorful paintings of huge cows and hung the paintings on the walls. They looked wonderful!

A Legacy Library was donated to the community.

We then travelled to the Kikino Metis Settlement where the Kikino Headstart program enjoyed a visit and a Legacy Library was presented to the program. A delicious luncheon was prepared for the visit, with several local dignitaries attending as well as an Elder and his wife. Many parents and children visited the bus and the Headstart centre which was painted so beautifully and surrounded by a brightly coloured picket fence. The C.O.W. bus staff was excited to tour the centre, and families enjoyed participating in the activities that were available.

It was then on to Lac La Biche to visit the Lac La Biche Head Start program where activities such as spin art, tattoos and making wooden necklaces were available for children and parents to take part in. Those that chose to come out in the cold weather enjoyed the activities in the Centre and the new ideas offered on the bus, about how to enhance and support their children’s love of learning through interactive play and stories.

A Legacy Library was donated to the community and will be housed in the Headstart.


What parents and participants have said about the program

“This is an amazing bus.”


“Wonderful ideas for home and to share with teachers.” 

Headstart Teacher

"Was a very wonderful learning session."


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