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Bon Accord

Our visit to the Bon Accord Public Library was wonderful.  We were greeted in the community by the smiling face of the librarian.  We entered a library filled with a wonderful collection of books packed into a very small space.  The surprising part of this library was the variety of activities for families.  There were puzzles and games, a karaoke machine for teen nights and many, many people visiting.  It truly was a hub for this small community.


The bus was busy for the entire day as families enjoyed the sunshine and the hospitality in the library.  Snacks and drinks were served to all the visitors. 

The library board had approved free memberships for the children that visited the bus with their parents.  As well as signing up new children, a number of families renewed expired memberships and purchased cards for other family members. 


Thanks to all the community members who made our day special!  How lucky you are to have such a gem in your small community. 

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