What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

Mr. Wolf introduces the idea of time and counting in this fun game!


What to do:

  1. Decide which player is going to be the wolf.
  2. All the other players line up in front of the wolf (have lots of space between the wolf and other players).
  3. The wolf turns around so his back is to the other players, and all the players ask together “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”
  4. The wolf picks a time and the players have to take that many steps (e.g. 2:00 is 2 steps).
  5. This repeats until the wolf thinks (without looking) that the players are close enough to catch, and yells “lunchtime!”
  6. The wolf chases the other players and tries to touch as many as he can. One of the players caught becomes the wolf for the next round.


Before the game, tell your children that when the wolf says the time, it’s like reading it on a clock. 

To start, you should be the wolf so your children see how the game is played.

When you are calling times, say how many steps that means until everyone understands. When it’s “lunchtime,” turn the catching into some tickling fun.


This game helps introduce children to the idea of time.

They won’t understand it all, but it’s good for them to hear the words used to tell time.

Counting and time are both important numeracy skills needed in life.

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