What I Learned by Reading for READ IN Week

I had the opportunity to read to a kindergarten class at Lady of Peace School this morning as part of the READ IN Week activities, and on my drive back to work I reflected on the time I had spent with the class.

My days are usually spent in meetings or on my computer, so being with so many young ¬†and excited children was a very different experience. I read a simple story about how reading makes you feel good; they had so many questions and so many things they wanted to share. The enthusiasm and energetic participation of the group was amazing. The children didn’t hesitate to share an answer because, in their mind, there were no wrong answers.

What a lesson for me! How often do we participate half-heartedly in meetings or groups, or hold back on suggesting ideas because they might be wrong?

My takeaway is to remember to bring my enthusiasm, energy and ideas to the table just as Mrs. Kim’s kindergarten class did!

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