The Power of Volunteering

It was 2005 and I was taking Business Management at NAIT. The overall experience was somewhat dreadful for me, but there was one defining event that concluded my academic career on a high note.

My favorite class was Leadership and it required 15-30 hours of volunteer work. Literacy is my passion, but how would I accomplish the required hours in a short time frame?

I would host a school-wide book drive! I organized a core planning team, and we recruited over half of the Leadership class as well as some volunteers who just wanted to be part of the experience. Together we executed the “Need 2 Read” book drive, a 3-day event with volunteer stations placed strategically around the school. Over 30 volunteers were a part of this exciting endeavor. We raised over 3,000 books for the Centre for Family Literacy!

That one experience left such a positive impression on me. Now, years later, I am the Volunteer Coordinator at the Centre for Family Literacy.  It just goes to show… Follow your passion and volunteer for what you believe in. You never know what may come as a result.

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