The First Day of Spring – In Alberta

I sat for a while trying to decide what to write for this blog. Many of the topics I thought I might discuss have been done in the last few weeks, so what to do? Then I looked out the window and inspiration struck! I would do a blog on… wait for it…. SNOW!

It really makes sense that a blog posted on the first day of spring should be about snow. Not just any snow – cold, swirling, biting snow – at least at my house. My dogs are shivering outside, trying to understand what has happened to them after such a wonderful, teasing taste of spring, as I’m sure we all are.

Let’s be honest though. Do we really expect anything else living in Alberta? Where at some point we have had snow in every month of the year? Why would we be surprised? In fact, I laughed as one of my team members, who moved here from Ontario in the fall, naively asked if the snow would be gone by Easter.

So what to do? Well, I say lets embrace our unpredictable – but not unexpected – weather and do something fun!

Why not mix food colouring in water and put it in a spray bottle. Take it outside and write or draw, or play a game of tic-tac-toe in the snow. You can talk about colours and what happens when they mix, why the snow melts a little when it gets sprayed, and what patterns you see.

Capture a snowflake and preserve it forever in super glue. This neat little experiment lets you see snowflakes up close (but definitely requires adult help):

Go have a snow or snowball fight. Make your fight into a game – tell the kids to play snow tag and see what that means to them. I always love the games my kids come up with – at least for their creativity if not for all the rules that tend to accompany it.

You know this weather isn’t going to last forever. We have seen the signs of spring around us and can gain strength and hope that it won’t be here much longer. Do not despair!

If you are one who doesn’t want to even look outside, let alone go and play in this crazy white stuff, then curl up and read a good book with your kids. Read one about spring like Spring is Here, by Taro Gomi. Just remember to add the word “almost” to the title and you’ll be fine.

Happy first day of spring everyone!