Visual Schedules for Your Kids

In our Learn Together – Grow Together program, one of the topics we discuss with the parents is learning styles. We talk about the different learning styles we recognize in ourselves as adults (auditory, visual, and/or kinesthetic), and also the learning styles we  recognize in our children.

If one or more of your children are visual learners, an easy way to help keep them  organized is to provide schedules with pictures. A visual schedule helps children make their way through the routines of the day. It helps to provide structure and predictability for the activities that need to be completed.

It may be something as simple as creating a schedule of their morning routine before they have to go to daycare or school. Try placing the visual schedule on the bathroom mirror or in the children’s bedroom.

Visual Shedule1

Or maybe it’s a schedule for getting dressed for the winter weather—to display by the coat closet of your home—that would be useful to you and your children.

Visual Schedule2

You may want to add stickers or checkmarks to reward your children for completing their schedule. This may not only help to motivate them so the routines of the day go by with more ease, but can also help your children to feel independent as well.

Has anyone used a visual schedule with their children before? Did having something visual help them to predict the order of their day?

By taking the time to recognize the learning styles of your children, you can tap into activities, such as this, to help get things done at home and even out in the community.

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