Rhyming Anytime!

I have been teaching families over the past year a rhyme that I had just learned in the springtime. I love it, kids love it and parents quickly fall in love with it as soon as their wee ones utter the words tap tap tap.
It goes like this:
One little finger, one little finger, one little finger, tap tap tap
Put your fingers UP
put your fingers DOWN
Put them on your NOSE (and you repeat changing body parts)
A mom shared their version this past week, she is a mom of 2 girls that LOVE their barbies.
While driving in their vehicle she heard the girls make up their own version, it goes like this:
One little barbie, one little barbie, one little barbie, tap tap tap (as they hold up their barbies and tap them together)
Put your Barbies up
Put your Barbies down
Put them on your toes…  (repeat with a different body part)
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2 thoughts on “Rhyming Anytime!

  1. That is a FABULOUS idea, I will have to share that one to families as well!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I tried this rhyme in the bathtub and we came up with:
    One little ducky, two little duckies, three little duckies, tap tap tap.
    Put your ducky UP
    Put your ducky DOWN
    Put your ducky on your NOSE (etc.)
    It was great for a baby that otherwise might be fussy in the bathtub!