Pizza Box Cash Register

A popular activity that we make for the Alberta Prairie C.O.W. bus is our pizza box cash register.  The children that come to visit us really seem to have fun playing with it. It provides a great opportunity for adults to talk to children about the value of money, how to count money, and how to spend and save money wisely!


1 pizza box and small cardboard pieces from another box




Packing Tape (optional)


1.  Draw a number keypad, scanner, power button, and any other features of a cash register you may wish to add, onto the top of the pizza box.

2.  Measure and cut the cardboard pieces to make sections in the pizza box.

3.  If you would like to make your activity more durable, reinforce the box with packing tape.

We also made a C.O.W. Credit Card out of paper decorated with markers, stickers, and reinforced with cardboard and packing tape.

We purchased our play money from an educational store, but you could make your own play money if you would like.

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