Let Me Read to You

Your child will want to try out reading to you, to other family members, or even to pets or stuffed animals—just like you read with them!

Let’s Go!

Let your child “pretend” to read to you or their pet, dolls or stuffed animals using their own words or phrases.

Do it Together!

Leave books where your child can reach them. Let them “read” their favourite books to whomever they want.

If they choose to bring a book to you, listen as they “read”. Help them tell you the story in their own words by asking questions about the characters or the pictures in the book.


When a child has heard a book read over and over, they know it so well that they feel like they can “read” it to others. They are often able to tell the story very closely to how it is actually written. This helps them feel like readers and makes them want to do it more.

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