Learning About Bugs

For the bug lovers out there, this book has amazing pictures that will make your child want to explore and learn more!


Share an information or non-fiction book together, like Incredible Insects by playBac Publishing or Insects by Dr. George C. McGavin.


Sit with your child and let them flip through the book to see which insects capture their attention.

Read them the information about the ones they want to look at or ones that you have seen around where you live.


If your child is an insect lover, these books are great to share with them. The pictures let your child get up close to insects and give good information about each one. 

Your child will want to know how you know so much about the insects, and you can point out the words you are reading.

They may start pointing at words and asking about them. Their interest in insects will keep them engaged with the book and help them become readers!

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