Learner Story

My name is Jason and I am from China.

Thank you for giving me a chance to meet my tutor Bob. Since we began, we have worked to improve our English with him. He has taught us, my wife Anna and I, every week. He always spends lots of time with us, and has been teaching us listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation in English. He always teaches us to learn very carefully.

I really appreciate, that with Bob’s help, our English skills are improving. I want to tell you, my wife and I will be returning to China on September 5th. We do not want to leave such a good tutor, maybe one day if we can return to Edmonton again, we would be pleased if Bob would ┬áteach us English again.

When we go back to China, we plan to keep in touch and study English on the computer using SKYPE.

Thanks so much to the Centre for Family Literacy!

Thank you very much Bob, we will remember you in our hearts. We would like to learn from you continuously in the future.


Jason and Anna.


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