Learner Story: There Is No Such Thing As Can’t

When I first went to the Centre for Family Literacy, I was scared to admit that I can’t read or write. I thought it was a school for special Ed people. But I saw people like me, who are the same as everyone, in the literacy program.

Then I met Debbie. She made me do a test to see what level I am at. Debbie got me to open up a lot, and she changed me in a way that changed my life. I was shy to read, but Debbie said “Take your time”.

When I learned how to read and write, I was so shocked that I wanted to learn more, to get to college and to be an actor.

I have been working with tutors for seven years, and I’m still learning more. I am reading a lot better. Now I can read to my kids. I read what I need to ¬†at work and I am studying for a Class 3 driver’s license (to drive buses and semis). I feel like I know more about what is going on around me, and I pay more attention to the news. I even go on the computer more often.

My dad told me that there is no such thing as can’t, only can do.

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