“Knock-Knock” Guessing Game

The Alberta Prairie C.O.W. bus travels to many communities in Alberta.  We bring books, puzzles, games and other activities for parents and children to share together. Many of the activities on the bus we make ourselves to provide parents with ideas for activities they can make at home.

One of our homemade activities is a “knock- knock” guessing game envelope that has flaps cut out to reveal parts of a picture.  Children are able to guess what the picture might be, then slide the picture out of the envelope to check to see if they were right.

Different size envelopes may be used as well as different kinds of pictures. We used pictures from a 12-month calendar. However, you could try using family pictures or pictures from magazines, flyers, or the Internet.


1- 9×12 inch (22.9 x 30.5 cm) envelope

Pictures of your choice


Felt marker



1. Cut the flap off the end of the envelope (that you would normally use to seal it).

2. In the top left hand corner print “Knock! Knock!”

3. Under “Knock! Knock!” use a ruler to draw the lines needed to make the rectangular flap.

4. Position “Who is there?” approximately in the middle of the remaining space.

5.  Draw flaps above and below “Who is there?”

*Smaller size flaps may make it more challenging for your child to guess what’s underneath. You could also try this with different shaped flaps or perhaps only a small peephole.

6.  Using scissors, cut along the marked lines of the flaps you have just drawn.

7.  Trim the pictures to fit into the envelope.

8.  If you would like to make your activity more durable reinforce with packing tape.

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