Halloween Traditions

Halloween has always been a big celebration in my household. Every year in October we would bring out all of the previous year’s costumes and have a fashion show. We would decide on our new costume for the year and make a list of all the new things we would need to add. I can remember being a gypsy, a witch, Little Bo Peep, and many others. After the fashion show we would decorate the house. The decorations we made in school were added to the collection of plastic spiders, webbing, and skeleton stickers for the windows. My mother still has a few of her favourite Halloween decorations that my sister and I made.

Closer to October 31, we would all go to the store and pick out our pumpkins for the time-honoured tradition of pumpkin carving. We would spread garbage bags over the living room floor and scoop out the inside of the pumpkin until it was clean – first with our bare hands and then with a spoon. Next would come the debate on how we would like to decorate our pumpkins this year. Would it be a scary face or funny? To start we would draw the face with a permanent marker, then hand the pumpkin over to our parents to carve. Eventually, as my sister and I grew up, we were able to take over all pumpkin carving duties. I can still remember the first year I was able to carve my pumpkin all by myself. Unfortunately the pumpkin didn’t turn out as well as it had on previous Halloweens.

Even now, years later, pumpkin carving is my favourite part of Halloween. I still spread out garbage bags on the living room floor and debate what to carve on the pumpkin. I have graduated from triangle eyes and crooked mouths to designs of witches, cats, and sometimes even star wars characters. In recent years I have started to save and roast the pumpkins seeds. So far I haven’t attempted to cook with the actual pumpkin but I hope to try something this year.

To me, Halloween isn’t about trick or treating and how much candy you can get. It’s about time spent together with family and traditions. I hope one day to pass down the Halloween traditions that I love so much.

I always like to hear others’ experiences of Halloween. Please share your favourite memories, costumes, and experiences with me.


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Traditions

  1. Growing up in a family with 5 kids made Halloween a very interesting event! As a younger sibling, I got to tag along with my older brothers and sister and the things they taught me were (mostly) lessons that they learned from my parents.

    • My older sister was pretty good about letting me tag along too…until I hit grade 1 – she would have been in grade 4. She started going trick or treating with her friends and I got “stuck” with my parents. I didn’t mind though when I came back with a bigger sack of candy!

  2. Every Halloween we would help my mom carve pumpkins too! After we were done carving, we would pick out all of the pumpkin seeds, wash them, and stick them on a baking sheet with a little bit of salt. Roasted pumpkin seeds are still one of my favourite snacks!

    • I never used to like pumpkin seeds but lately I’ve been finding them not too bad. I’ll have to try making them this year like you mentioned. i’ll let you know how it turns out.