Generation Gap, or Something to Worry About?

I am always telling my son how important reading is.  When he has to read a book for school, I start crossing my fingers, hoping, this will be the book that catches his interest.  So far, I can’t say it’s happened.  He says that he already reads a lot!  He reads at school, reads his daily portion of phone texts and he certainly has a lot of words to read on his Facebook page.  What about the games he plays on his PS3?  He’ll even read a tutorial if it provides him a better chance to win against the aliens and his friends.

Am I starting be a part of a generation gap that I will never understand? Will I look back one day and say I should have tried harder to get my son to read a book?  Or will this be a reflection back on my parenting style and I’ll be able to smile and say I worried about nothing?

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