Family Storytelling

In family literacy, we often talk about the importance of oral storytelling. One way to support this is to encourage parents to tell children the story of their birth. This not only encourages their language development, but also creates the bond that comes from sharing experiences and memories together. It can quickly become a family tradition with children asking, “Mommy, please tell me about when I was born again.”

As a twist on this, I called my mother today to wish her a Happy 71st Birthday and realized that I had heard stories about her childhood before but never the story of when she was born.  So I asked her and we spent the next hour sharing this and many other stories about her time growing up.  This rich history and memory sharing is so valuable to all of our families.

Have you talked to your mother about the story of her birth?  I encourage you to do so.  We made many memories today during our sharing!

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One thought on “Family Storytelling

  1. This post reminded me of when I was a kid and my mother would always tell me stories of when I was younger or about when she was a kid. I loved that special time and still cherish it to this day. She would often tell me the same stories over and over again and I would cuddle in. I now try to do the same with my daughter and son.
    I never thought of telling my kids the story of their birth but this is a fabulous idea! I am going to give it a try! Thank you for this suggestion!
    Alexis Marie Chute