I am an avid reader averaging at least 2-3 books weekly and could never imagine not being able to go to my bookshelves and pick out a book I am in the mood to read.  The physical act of holding the book and turning the pages and being able to take it and prop it up on the cereal box or read it in the bathtub are pleasures I would not want to replace.
But it turns out that the act of reading is enjoyable whether you do it with an eReader or a paperback.  I have recently started reading eBooks and realize I can now enjoy both ways of reading.  My eReader is much lighter to carry when I am packing for a trip –  no more husband complaining I have packed too many books in my suitcase!  There is a wide  variety of eBooks you can download free or request from your library and then have with you for whenever you feel like reading or one of those waiting room opportunities pops up!  It also addresses the different reading moods you might be in. I have all kinds of different genres to match my mood. My eReader also  physically props up very well when I am reading lying down and only needs one finger to turn the pages.
 So, have I replaced my book shelves with my eReader?   Not a chance!   But I have added my eBooks to my choices when I am reading.
Have you tried reading on an iPad or eReader?  What have you discovered?
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