Community Volunteers Improve Children’s literacy:

National Literacy Trust, a charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the United Kingdom, recently published a study that showed community volunteers can improve how parents and caregivers support their children’s early literacy development.

The study involved over 1500 families and used peer volunteers to increase families’ confidence in supporting positive literacy attitudes and behaviors. Volunteers took part in six weekly sessions with an assigned family, and it showed vast improvements in literacy development.

  • 84% of parents felt that the project would have a long-term impact on their child’s reading and communication skills
  • 100% felt more confident in attending literacy activities, with more than half saying that they would not have been able to attend without the help of their volunteer
  • 52% showed an improved engagement with books
  • 46% showed improved speaking and listening skills

Volunteering your time to help parents synthesize their children’s literacy skills is both fun and rewarding! Activities can include a family visit to a local library for story time or play groups, singing and rhyming together, or even just reading a book together! Opportunities are endless!

To read the full study, go to

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