Life on the Refrigerator Door: By Alice Kuipers

I read this book today. It is written in an unusual style and had me hooked right away. The story is told entirely through notes left on the refrigerator door by a mother and her daughter. They both lead busy lives and the notes are one of the main ways they communicate. These notes and letters run the gamut of light items (like “Please give me my allowance!”) to far more serious issues.

I don’t want to tell you what happens and give the whole thing away, but I will say that it is a thought provoking, short novel that will make you appreciate what you have in life. I personally enjoy these types of stories. We have the book here at the CFL library, and I wish I had taken our librarian Colleen’s advice and read it sooner. It may not change your life, but I do hope you take the time to read it. It will be time well spent.

Tangled Ants

Has it ever occurred to you that we appear to live in society like a bunch of tangled ants? Everybody is rushing to and fro, getting frustrated and angry in traffic. People cut other people off and honk their horns, and generally make things worse. Those of you who travel the Anthony Henday know what I’m talking about! This all reminds me of a bunch of tangled ants, every time I see it. I just want to jump up and shout, “read a book and relax”! Obviously, do not read while driving. However, do take the time to read a book, find something that makes you laugh, something that takes your mind off the traffic, the rushing, and the stress. Books are such a great escape!

Books: Friends for Life

I cannot remember a time when I could not read. I have always been an avid reader, ever since I was very little. As an only child living on acreage, I did not have the social networks that some kids did. I didn’t mind; I had books!

Very early on in life I learned that books were my companions. The characters in my books evoked real emotion.  They were my friends, my adventures, my escape and my home.

To this day, I read every single day. When I was studying at NAIT, my reward to myself for completing assignments or homework was to read my “real” book. People thought I was crazy. But I love reading that much.

Today, I am very lucky to work at the Centre for Family Literacy. We have a library that I can read books from every day! And I do. I take out our smaller quick reads, and on my breaks I read. Every day I get to learn a new story. It’s so fun and interesting to explore the wonderful world of fiction and literature.

Over my life, friends have come and gone. Circumstances change. But there are always books to keep me company and take me away.

The Power of Volunteering

It was 2005 and I was taking Business Management at NAIT. The overall experience was somewhat dreadful for me, but there was one defining event that concluded my academic career on a high note.

My favorite class was Leadership and it required 15-30 hours of volunteer work. Literacy is my passion, but how would I accomplish the required hours in a short time frame?

I would host a school-wide book drive! I organized a core planning team, and we recruited over half of the Leadership class as well as some volunteers who just wanted to be part of the experience. Together we executed the “Need 2 Read” book drive, a 3-day event with volunteer stations placed strategically around the school. Over 30 volunteers were a part of this exciting endeavor. We raised over 3,000 books for the Centre for Family Literacy!

That one experience left such a positive impression on me. Now, years later, I am the Volunteer Coordinator at the Centre for Family Literacy.  It just goes to show… Follow your passion and volunteer for what you believe in. You never know what may come as a result.