The Easiest Ever Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving is coming soon! It might be a little different this year, but enjoy a long weekend of fun, food, and lots of family time! Here’s an easy and fun craft for the whole family:


What you need:

  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Optional: felt tip marker

What to do:

  1. Trace your hand or your child’s with a marker or crayon
  2. Use crayons or markers to draw in and colour a turkey
  3. Have fun with it! 

You and your child can make just one, or make a turkey for each person at Thanksgiving dinner! Place them on each plate, not only for decoration but for conversation too! 



Making crafts together is a good way to bond with your child, and the talking that comes from working together is building an important literacy skill. A bonus is the hand coordination that comes from drawing, which will help with writing skills in the future.

A Voice for Male Boomers!

Male Baby Boomers’ Midway by Don Clevett

A Voice for Male Boomers!

Between 1946 and 1966 sixty-seven million Baby Boomers were born; for them, midlife is either here or rapidly approaching!  Local author Don Clevett writes candidly about his own experiences with midlife; he deems it a ‘midway’ rather than a ‘crisis’ and encourages his readers to “take control” of this time of life.

Since men are typically reluctant to discuss personal problems with their partners or friends, this book encourages them to learn about the issues surrounding midlife and to share with others.  Female readers will benefit by understanding what men are going through and hopefully opening up discussions with their partners.

The book is available through Amazon, including an e-book format.  Check out the author’s webpage at for further information.

Reasons To Read

If you’re not a reader, there are many reasons why you should become one.

A large chunk of my adult life did not include reading books for enjoyment. I was too busy, so I skimmed and scanned a lot of magazines and read the necessary work-related articles, never taking the time to enjoy a good book.  I had other things asking of my time. Almost 10 years ago when my father was very ill, I found myself in a hospital room, followed by sleepless nights.  I had to figure out a way to distract myself.

That’s when the book, an old friend, came back into my life. Oh, how I missed this friend! Like a true friend, the book was there for me, (if I hadn’t misplaced it). The book waited patiently for me to find it – I had unconditional love. It didn’t judge me if other priorities came up and I reconnected three days later.  Every day, my friend took me on adventures.  I missed the fun we had together.

If you find yourself in need of a friend, ask a book to be a part of your life.

Generation Gap, or Something to Worry About?

I am always telling my son how important reading is.  When he has to read a book for school, I start crossing my fingers, hoping, this will be the book that catches his interest.  So far, I can’t say it’s happened.  He says that he already reads a lot!  He reads at school, reads his daily portion of phone texts and he certainly has a lot of words to read on his Facebook page.  What about the games he plays on his PS3?  He’ll even read a tutorial if it provides him a better chance to win against the aliens and his friends.

Am I starting be a part of a generation gap that I will never understand? Will I look back one day and say I should have tried harder to get my son to read a book?  Or will this be a reflection back on my parenting style and I’ll be able to smile and say I worried about nothing?

More Than Nostalgia

During my earlier school days, the girls would get together and make the paper “Fortune Teller” game.  That was always a sure-fire way to magically predict who loved you, who thought you were pretty and how many boyfriends you had.

Now I am a parent.  When my son was young, I used the game to entertain and support his emerging literacy skills.  This simple but creative activity introduced him to colours, spelling, numbers and counting, and when he was old enough he cut his own piece of paper into a square, and this helped to develop dexterity.  He loved it!  I encourage you to take a square piece of paper next time you eat out.  Most restaurants will have crayons.  All you need is someone to talk to while your child is busy creating your fortune!