About Us

The Centre for Family Literacy was the first centre in Canada to focus on the development of literacy within the family context.  Our mission is to build, develop, and improve literacy with families and communities. The Centre plays multiple roles in the development of literacy:

  • Literacy begins at home. Centre for Family Literacy works to build awareness and provide the tools and programs families need to empower their children and family members with literacy. Centre for Family Literacy trains volunteers and staff to deliver programs to all ages, from babies to adults.
  • Literacy is everyone’s business. It is at the foundation of a prosperous, healthy society, functioning workforce, and promotes economic growth. The Centre builds partnerships with key stakeholders who promote literacy awareness in the community and help fund literacy activities offered through the Centre.

We provide a wide range of adult and family literacy programs in Edmonton, as well as training, resources, information and awareness across Alberta and Canada. In 2011, 6805 adults and 6,214 children participated in the Centre’s programs and services. In partnership with community organizations, our programs support language and literacy development within a family context. To read about our programs and services, go to our website at http://www.famlit.ca

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