A Voice for Male Boomers!

Male Baby Boomers’ Midway by Don Clevett

A Voice for Male Boomers!

Between 1946 and 1966 sixty-seven million Baby Boomers were born; for them, midlife is either here or rapidly approaching!  Local author Don Clevett writes candidly about his own experiences with midlife; he deems it a ‘midway’ rather than a ‘crisis’ and encourages his readers to “take control” of this time of life.

Since men are typically reluctant to discuss personal problems with their partners or friends, this book encourages them to learn about the issues surrounding midlife and to share with others.  Female readers will benefit by understanding what men are going through and hopefully opening up discussions with their partners.

The book is available through Amazon, including an e-book format.  Check out the author’s webpage at www.babyboomersmidway.com for further information.

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