3,2,1,Fun! The Importance of Beginning Numeracy with Everyday Activities

Who remembers saying “I don’t like math” or “I’m not good at math”? Many adults have negative feelings about math that began early in life. A positive outlook on numeracy skill building with your children will help them later in life. In fact … Continue reading

What does Reading a Book Together have to do with Numeracy Skills?

Have you ever read a book to a child and counted objects on the pages, looked for shapes, found different colours, or noticed patterns in the storytelling? Believe it or not, you are introducing numeracy skills. Stories are a powerful … Continue reading

Early Years Numeracy… in Planting

At 3,2,1, Fun! we explore numbers through play, stories, and rhymes with children 3-5 years old and their parents. Learning about sequences is important to children’s ability to grasp the concept that numbers have a special order. We can demonstrate sequences by using … Continue reading

Numeracy can be fun… for Everyone!

All children are unique individuals. They all act, play, and express themselves differently. As parents, we quickly discover our children’s preferences in all things. We also generally try to accommodate these preferences – preparing our children’s favourite foods, reading their favourite stories, … Continue reading