Alberta Prairie C.O.W. (Classroom on Wheels) Bus

As summer winds down, the Alberta Prairie C.O.W. (Classroom on Wheels) Bus shifts into high gear! Many preparations have been made for our fall visits – everything from purchasing new bus tires to putting together a wall of Legacy Library boxes. The … Continue reading

3 DIY Puzzles to Make with Your Kids

The Alberta Prairie C.O.W. program visits communities around the province for 12 months a year. To each visit we bring a variety of great family literacy activities and ideas for parents to explore with their young children. We have books, puppets, blocks, and puzzles … Continue reading

Build Pre-Reading Skills with Environmental Print

Symbols are everywhere, and they are often accompanied by text. Go for a short walk to the corner and you are bound to see road signs, bins with recycle logos, business advertising and more. As adults, we are so accustomed … Continue reading

Family Literacy Fun with Food

On the Alberta Prairie Classroom on Wheels bus, we like to emphasize that anything can become a family literacy activity, as long as you do it together. And one thing that every parent has to do at some point? Grocery … Continue reading

Get Moooving and Learning!

You may have read the recent article in the Edmonton Journal about the effects of electronic devices on early childhood development. The conclusion was that time spent in front of screens doesn’t really help the brain development of preschoolers, and … Continue reading

Search and Find Activities – More Than Just Fun and Games

Search and find activities are good for children because they help to build vocabulary, and they develop cognitive skills such as the ability to search and locate. There are many books on the market that fall into this category, such as … Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Crafts

Doing a craft together is a great way to build the skills needed for future lifelong learning, such as thinking skills, working together and continuous learning. Crafts incorporate different learning styles, and are hands-on activities that build fine motor skills. By … Continue reading

Have Fun and Build Brains Using “Serve and Return”

More brain connections form in the first six years of life than at any other time, and the more you use these connections the stronger they get. Brain connections are built on a foundation of “serve and return” interactions. Serve … Continue reading