Capturing the Summer

How do you capture a summer of memories? Many people I know keep a journal and write in it faithfully – at least daily, and sometimes even more than that! I (yes, it’s confession time) have never liked journaling and am not one of these people. (Wow, it’s nice to finally get that out!)

Everywhere I go it’s about keeping a journal. I love writing and I love remembering all the things that have ever happened in our family, and I know I’ve forgotten some of it, or my re-telling is now a little inaccurate, but I am really bad at keeping a journal!

So what to do?

This summer, I’m challenging myself and I’ll challenge you to try to keep a journal in a different way: with pictures! Take pictures that tell a story for you. Is it about all the books you’ve read this summer and the crazy or exotic places you read them? Or is it about your family holiday?

You could print off your pictures and get your family to help you write a caption for them, or even do it online. There are some neat apps and programs that make it easy to do this.

One such app is Qwiki for iPhones. It is free to download and will put your pictures into a slideshow with music and places to write something about the picture. It does it all for you or lets you customize it yourself.

Whichever way you do it, whether it’s through a written journal, photos, or another way (which we’d love to hear about), have fun this summer and share some of your photos with us in the fall!

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