Books: Friends for Life

I cannot remember a time when I could not read. I have always been an avid reader, ever since I was very little. As an only child living on acreage, I did not have the social networks that some kids did. I didn’t mind; I had books!

Very early on in life I learned that books were my companions. The characters in my books evoked real emotion.  They were my friends, my adventures, my escape and my home.

To this day, I read every single day. When I was studying at NAIT, my reward to myself for completing assignments or homework was to read my “real” book. People thought I was crazy. But I love reading that much.

Today, I am very lucky to work at the Centre for Family Literacy. We have a library that I can read books from every day! And I do. I take out our smaller quick reads, and on my breaks I read. Every day I get to learn a new story. It’s so fun and interesting to explore the wonderful world of fiction and literature.

Over my life, friends have come and gone. Circumstances change. But there are always books to keep me company and take me away.

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